XCOM 2 Guide: How To Help Get Your Custom Characters The Class You Want

 XCOM 2 Guide: How To Help Get Your Custom Characters The Class You Want

XCOM 2 is now available as a PC exclusive game. As you should know if you have played the first game in the rebooted series, dubbed Enemy Unknown, this is a strategic title where you can create your characters and assign, through an array of trick we will explain in the following lines, whatever is the class you prefer.


After you complete the first mission, and level up all of the soldiers you have at your disposal, you will have to dismiss them and hire the soldiers you created in the first place. Then, proceed to do a mission using them, be sure all of them are promoted and save the mission on the last turn or as close to the last turn as possible before you complete it.

Go back to the base and look at this while promoting them. You will get 1 of each class for your 4 starting characters and one more for each class the characters you dismissed at the start up belonged to. Once you manage to do this correctly, save the game immediately.

In the comments below let us know if this worked for your characters, if you will try and get the maximum out of this little trick as soon as you can. We don’t know if Firaxis will fix this in a later patch or whatever, so you should make up your mind very fast. Check out our entire XCOM 2 Walkthrough detailing how to fix all ongoing errors, top tips and tricks for beginners and many other things.