XCOM 2: How to Increase Avatar Project Time and change the Game Lenght

 XCOM 2: How to Increase Avatar Project Time and change the Game Lenght

XCOM 2 is ready to set in another record where the Game will set Twenty years since after humanity lost the war against the alien invaders and a new world order now exists on Earth. Just like the predecessor your objective is to stop the Aliens from completing their project call ‘Project Avatar’. This Project is for the end of the world and you need to stop it before the countdown. This XCOM 2 Guide will help you change the Avatar Project Time and increase the game length.

How to Increase Avatar Project Time

There are various ways of stopping the Alien’s Avatar Project like assaulting an enemy facility or completing the Story Objective. There might be chances that you have to do it in a bit rush so why not to take your own time nad do it with ease? Here we will show you how to change the Project Time and increase the Game Lenght.

How to Increase Avatar Project Time

Step 1:

Go to the Config game Directory:

  • Windows – Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config
  • Linux – $HOME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/XCOM 2/share/data/xcomgame/config

Step 2:

Backup the DefaultGameData.ini File before we start altering it.

Step 3:

Open the same file with any text editor(Notepad)

Step 4:

Locate the Following Lines

  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[0]=0 ;Easy
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[0]=??
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[1]=0 ;Normal
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[1]=??
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[2]=0 ;Classic
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[2]=??
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[3]=0 ;Impossible
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[3]=??

Step 5:

Make the Adjustment with the ‘??’ according to your need. Insert Time whatever you want to with the question mark. For Eg:

  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomStartValue[3]=0 ;Impossible
  • AlienHeadquarters_DoomMaxValue[3]= 9999

Remember the number you enter are the Ticks you want to set before the Avatar Project gets ready for DOOM. By default, the Tick is set to 12. So make sure you insert more than 12.

Step 6:

Save and Exit.

Step 7:

Load the game and Enjoy.