XCOM 2: How to Obtain Easy Supplies and Maintain Resistant Base

 XCOM 2: How to Obtain Easy Supplies and Maintain Resistant Base

XCOM 2 is a brilliant strategy game and has maintained the players expectations. You will be taking control of XCOM forces must rise and eliminate the alien occupation where twenty years have passed since humanity lost the war against the alien invaders. You also need to Maintain your Home Base Up to date by upgrading it. You need Supplies for Upgrade and that’s exactly what we are going to show you How to get easy Supplies in the game.

How to Obtain Easy Supplies

You need Supplies to Build and Upgrade you Facilities, Soldier Recruitment and many more. As you keep on upgrading you will need more and more supplies which mean you need to work hard and hunt for it? No way, we will help you out with earn easy supplies the easy way.So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Hunt for Supplies.

How to Obtain Easy Supplies

Use of The Supply Drops

The First and the easiest way to earn the Supplies will be our Supply Drops. You can also way over to the Supply Drop Location which pops on the Bridge map and grabs your Supplies. Make sure you are absolutely free and not in between any task or mission to go and grab these. You will get tons of supplies with added income.

Making Connections

Supply Drops are good to grab, but as you look at the Bridge map you see various parts of the world which can be contacted and make new connections with. The More the Connections the more supplies you will get as your part of income. Although this is a time-consuming process to contact and making connections, but trust me this is one big deal to crack with time.

Dig More Space

Ask one of you Engineers to dig up the area and increase the space of your base to build more Facilities. Excavating the Area will reward you with supplies. SO what you are waiting for go ahead and start digging.

Building Radio Relay

Just Digging up places won’t work, you need to build something convenient for supplies like the Radio Relay. It may be possible that you’ve missed building this earlier, but if it is installed already then try to spend supplies and increase the resistance collection of supplies. This in return will help you in making more money by spending less.