Xenoblade Chronicles X: How to Claim the Division Rewards

The game Xenoblade Chronicles X is full of different rewards and achievements which the player can hunt and retrieve them. This rewards can be literally anything and they are special when you grab the Division Reward. This Guide will show you how to Claim the Division Rewards in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

How to Claim the Division Rewards

Once you progress in Xenoblade Chronicles X, you will be asked to join a Division. The player will have the choice to select any one Division and start completing their Objectives and mission in order to grab the rewards. The Reward will vary from Division to Division and the type of objectives you are completing.

How to Claim the Division Rewards

In order to get the Division rewards, you must complete the Division related quests and missions which will different for each Division. This will vary the enemies like defeating Tyrants and items you pick up while exploring the areas. Once you complete a certain amount of missions you will notice a Division Spoils icon light up on your Wii U gamepad(Top-right corner). This show you are ready to collect your reward.

Once you see the light on your gamepad it’s time to head towards the BLADE Headquarters. Get inside the Headquarters and walk through the large circular room where you will see the Division terminal. Access the terminal, select the Division option and then connect online to claim your reward. If you have a higher Division rank then you are able to pick one item from the series.