Xenoblade Chronicles X: How to Easy Upgrade your Field Skills Tips and Tricks

While Playing Xenoblade Chronicles X, the player will be introduced to three field skills which are upgradable. If you manage to upgrade all three then you can claim your treasure and relics. This Xenoblade Chronicles X guide will show you tips and tricks on how to easy upgrade your field skills.

How to Easy Upgrade your Field Skills ‚Äč

There are Three Field Skills you need to upgrade and they are Mechanical, Biology and Archaeology. In order to Begin with the Upgrades, you must find a certain character in the game. Otherwise, you are not allowed to upgrade any of your field skills. Once you become the Blade member you will have access to the Blade barracks. Now that you have control over the Barracks, focus on upgrading the Mechanical Skill to level 3 in order to plant all the Probes in Primordia.

How to Easy Upgrade your Field Skills

Go across the Blade Barracks and have a word with Elronora to know more about the field upgrades and many more. She will also help you upgrade the Blade rank which is required to gain access to more Field Skill upgrades. Once you upgrade your Blade Rank you will have numerous things available to upgrade.

As you know you can grab points from taking the loot, taking down the enemies, finding artifacts and most importantly the Missions/side quest. Whatever your approach may be keep gathering the points on priority and get your Blade rank as high as possible no matter which Division you are working for. This is the Trick where you keep on upgrading the Blade Rank and indirectly each time your Rank rises, you can upgrade your Field Skills. Hope This Guide was useful and Keep Playing