Royal Guard Armor Set Location Guide – Zelda Breath of the Wild


Royal Guard Armor Set is another Armor set in Zelda Breath of The Wild, it is added to the game via Champions Ballad DLC, and it is an Armor Set by the Guards of Hyrule Castle. This Armor Set consists of Three Pieces, and as expected they are a bit difficult to find as they are scattered at different locations. In this guide, we have simplified how you can get the Royal Guard Armor Set easily and quickly. So let’s start the search.

Royal Guard Armor Set

Royal Guard Armor Set – Where to Find It

First Get to the Riverside Stable and read the book Super Rumor Mill V4 on the table to get the clue. This will update the Ex Royal Guard Rumors.

Royal Guards’ Uniform

How to Get: Now Fast Travel to Travel Medallion. Now Jump off the cliff and enter the Hyrule Castle with the help of Glide. After you reach the Castle you will have to be quick, you have to run all the time or else you will have to fight with each and every enemy coming in your way.

After that, you have to Reach the Hyrule Castle make it to the other side and get to the Docks area. Now take the stairs and reach the Saas Ko’sah Shrine area and keep running upward on the right by the stairs. As you reach to the top, you will see a box on the right, make use of the Magnet and pull it back and then again use the magnet to push a huge plank in front of you. You will enter the Library.

Take a RIght and take the stairs up and search for the room where you already visited for the Royal guard’s Sword. The Royal Guards’ Uniform is in a small room near that location only in a Chest.

Riverside Stable Location Travel Medallion Location Hyrule Castle Docks Area Saas Kosah Shrine Box Huge Plank Library Royal Guards Uniform Location

Royal Guard Boots

How to Get: After that you have collected the Royal Guards’ Uniform, get out of the room and take a right and get to the Observation Room and hit on the Eye at the top left. Now get out and use your Glide to get on a lower level, while saving yourself from the deadly lasers.

Get down and then take the Right and then take First 2 Lefts and then you will enter the Guard’s Chamber. You will see a Chest having Royal Guard Boots on the above shelf on the right.

Observation Room Glide Royal Guards Boots Chest Location

Royal Guard Cap

How to Get: After collecting the Royal Guard Boots, you will have to take back the stairs and get a bit level high and you will see a pushable platform on the ground, get on it and make use of Stasis. Now get out using the stairs up and make use of the Remote bomb to clear the way on your left and make your way to the top of Sanctum. you will see the Chest near a statue, open it and you will have the Royal Guard Cap.

Stasis Sanactum Royal Guards Caps Chest Location

So go and get the Royal Gurad Armor set in Zelda Breath of the Wild quickly and add another armor in your collection. Stay tuined for more amazing updates on Zelda the Breath of the Wild. You can also refer to our Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Wiki Guide for more updates on the game.