Zelda: Breath of Wild Beginners Tips and Tricks

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild brings you a huge world to explore along with the main quest. There are some tips that will help you in the games. As a beginner the first thing needed is to understand the controls, especially when you are on Switch. This can help you to instantly switch weapons, use items, etc. So first is essential to get easy with the controls. Next the tips below are best for gameplay experience.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wilde Beginners Tips

Instant Tips:

  • Avoid using Metal Equipment in thunderstorm to avoid lighting strike.
  • You can use a bomb to clear a tree from a path. You can gather the woods and fruits from the tree also.
  • Heavy weapons are good to break enemies shield.
  • Sneak from behind and stealth kills enemies in one blow, works much time.
  • Chat with people around for hints about shrines, items, side quest, etc.
  • Throw weapons which are worn out to make the place for the new one.
  • You can save some time by using Stasis Rune to check out items in the area.
  • Use Fire in the icy area to protect yourself from cold.
  • In the beginning keep a wooden shield, weapon, and bow with you.

More Tips:

Great Plateau:

This is the first thing you must do. Explore the plateau whenever you see around. This will help you to unlock the map and make larger area visible. Also, it will act as your fast travel point. So you save a lot of time running around along with skipping the enemies in path. So use the scope and have a good look around to locate a great plateau. Use the slate to activate it and it will remember permanently on your map.

Learn Dodge, Parry and Charged Attack:

Some tactics will always work when you are in a fight. Fighting against tough enemy require some techniques. Like dodging that can be a life saver if you had not gathered enough heart containers. You can use dodge the attacks when the enemies charge on you. Also, there is a perfect dodge on the game. This one creates a slow motion effect so that you have enough time to get out of the enemy range. Next is Parry that is also not so tough to learn. It allows you to deflect an enemies attack and give you a chance to counter attack enemy with higher strength. Finally, charge attack allows you to create higher damage. Almost all weapons in the game have a charge attack, and you can use them to end an enemy soon.

Do not ignore Shrines:

Shrines are your way to get Spirit Orbs and in return, you can use them to get a heart container. It also acts as your fast travel point. You can use the orbs to get higher stamina. So you have additional fast travel points followed by the tower.

Don’t use powerful weapons early:

Ample of weapons in this game wear with time. Some even damage and take a long time to regenerate back again. So use the powerful weapon when needed. You can try out Runes or other weapons like bombs to take down bigger enemies. Powerful weapons are of great use when you are fighting against bigger opponents.

Slow approach any enemy:

The game is open world surrounded by various creatures and monsters. In case if you are in a boss battle or the enemy ahead is stronger try to go with a slow approach. This gives you enough time to think about what weapons to use. Also, it is possible at various levels to skip the fight, you can just sneak around the different path and pass them easily. The second thing you can hide around and use a bow arrow to take them down. Runes are also very helpful sometime. You can manipulate metals around using Rune Magnetic and drop them on bigger targets.

Learn Cooking and gather Elixirs:

Cooking allows you to extend your survival in the game. You can gather various items and use them to create new items that further heal you fast or simply boost your stamina that would take the time to regenerate. Through the inventory, you can find dish information. Like a particular raw meat to refill health. Food might take time, but if you have enough Elixirs in your inventory things get much easier in a fight. You need to gather different items to make Elixirs. So keep on filling them up, they just act like food giving you health or stamina boost.

So these are few beginners that will help you to start the game. You can also take care about the outfits.