Zelda: Breath of Wild – How to get Epona and tame Horses

Horses are a mode of transport in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild who mostly appears in the plains or used by other creatures for riding. So you can simply get one easily. But there is a process for taming the horses. A number of times they might run away far if you try to approach it. So follow the tips below to tame a horse and also register it in a stable with a unique name.

Breath of Wild Unlock Epona

How to tame horses:

  1. First, go towards the plains where you can see a few bunch of horses standing or grazing.
  2. Fight with enemies around if they spot you, they can distract the horses that will later run away.
  3. Pick one and approach from the backside. Wait for the horse to relax.
  4. Some horses won’t run away, so go slowly crouching from the back and mount the animal.
  5. Take the horse to stable and register it. At the same place, you can also provide a unique name.

How to get Epona:

Epona is a horse in Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. There is a way to unlock the same. You will first need a Smash Link Amiibo for the same. Next thing you have to go to the plains for making the horse spawn. If you are using the Amiibo in any location you won’t get the horse, instead, you might get a chest with different items in it. So first head toward the planes and then use the Amiibo on the console spawning Epona.