Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough: Captured Memories Quest

Captured Memories quest is appears when the slate is fixed and to get Links memory back he has to locate 12 pictures location that will take him to flashbacks

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wilde Guide Part 3

Main Quest: Captured Memories:

In this quest you need to unlock 12 memories, each will be through a picture in the slate. Show the picture when you come out of Impa’s house. She will reward you Champions Tunic that will help offer you good defense, along with a vision to checkout enemy’s health. Checkout the list below to locate all the captured memories.

Memory 1: You can begin with the first one which is located in Scared Ground Ruins in Central Hyrule. Search on the south of castle for the ruins, you will see a small pool of water, reach the place and trigger the flashback.

Memory 2: The second one shows lakeside in Hyrule, you can reach the Plateau Tower and look toward the north for a huge lake. Then walk toward the west side and search for a memory point. Use the scope to locate the same.

Memory 3: Cross the Tabantha Great Bridge and climb toward the large crest on the south. You have to look for Tena Ko’sah Shrine, check on the front of the shrine.

Memory 4: Head towards the Gerudo Town and look for Kara Kara Bazaar. It is an oasis that appears before the town and search around the water edges.

Memory 5: For the fifth one reaches the Great Hyrule Forest and look for a Woodland Tower near Eldin Canyon. On the east side of tower look for a peak, and then look for a plateau and ring of stones around. Search around the area near the stones.

Memory 6: Look for Royal Ancient Lab Ruins, and walk around the water area with three stands round. The sixth memory is in the front of the tree.

Memory 7: The seventh picture shows a Bridge of Hylia. Now to locate that you have to look for Gerudo Highlands in the East side of the map. You need to walk towards the large tree and search for two small statues under them. There will be a small hill around, search for the memory location in the area.

Memory 8: This one shows the entrance of Zelda’s room inside the castle. Now you need to enter the castle from the west part and search for a huge spire. You have to enter the room bypassing the guardian on the way.

Memory 9: For the ninth one you need to go towards Sprint of Power in Hyrule, search around Akkala Highlands. Search for the large water area and you will see the memory on the edge.

Memory 10: This one shows a big horse statue, you can find that through on the road that head towards the Hyrule Ridge on the West of Central Tower.

Memory 11: The picture shows a big gate on the road, you will need to head toward Lanayru heights for the same. Just pass Kakariko village and through Great Fairy Fountain take the road on right.

Memory 12: For the last one you need to go towards the Eastern side of Central Hyrule. Look for a forest area in the north of Bottomless Swamp. Walk across the river of Wetland stable and look for a small are in the forest.

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