Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough: Defeat Divine Beast Vah Medoh and Vah Naboris

In the earlier part we had covered two divine beast now the final two one with their location. These beast are going to help link when he finally enters the castle to fight with Ganon.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wilde Guide Part 6

Defeat Divine Beast Vah Medoh

You have to go to Rito village and meet Kaneli, a Rito Elder. He will tell you about the Vah Medoh who is causing issues in the skies. Find Temba first, and then locate Teba a Rito Warrior who want to bring down the divine beast. Teba will agree to help and will first test Links ability. Later board Tebo and it will take you near the beast. The first thing to do is destroy the four cannons around to break the defense of beast. You can use arrows to take them down. Use the paraglider to stay a bit in the air and then take your shot.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 6

Once you take down all the cannons and land on the back of beast. Next when you are in you have to get the map first to activate all the terminals inside. There are ample of enemies in between, you have to pass on the front side to get the guidance stone. Use rune Magnesis to life the metal slab and make a way ahead. There are ample of them around to manipulate. Finally when you reach the Guidance stone update the map. after you can simply locate 5 different terminals in the area to locate. They are all around the wings. The beast will tilt left, so you need to look for spot for entrance, if the gap is too long paraglide to the location.

Windblight Ganon:

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 6

This one is the boss you will encounter at the final stage. It is a strong one that uses giant tornado to attack. So you need to simply dodge its path whenever you get chance. Maintain a close distance and try to use different melee attacks to hit the enemy. After a few try when it loses half of its health it will simply create a lot of small floating turrets. You need to shoo them out first. Use the wind turbines around to fly high for attacking. Finally at the end head back to Rito village and speak to Kaneli.

Defeat Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Before going to Gerudo desert you have to get Thunder Helm from Master Kohga of Yiga Clan to get near the beast. Once you gather the time talk to the Riju who will assist to reach near the divine beast out of the Gerudo town. She will offer you sand seal, use them to surf on the sand to travel near the beast. Head toward the north side first and you will be able to spot the beast. The first thing to do is to stop the beast by attacking on the foot.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 6

Enter from the side, the Guidance stone is located in the stomach of the beast, you need to reach there to get the full map. you will need to take down a few malice in the path before moving ahead. Use the map to reach the stone first. Finally after having the map you will get power to move the part of large cylindrical room inside the beast. This will help you to move around and enter new areas. It will also help you to simply align electrical wires for power. There are around four terminals in beast. Later in the end fight with the Ganon boss.

Thunderblight Ganon:

This one is a powerful boss and has ability to dodge around. it can skip you attack many time and is pretty fast also. So you need to dodge as soon as you see him charging. It has a shield so breaking it will give you some good amount of damages. It will attack from distance and use fast teleportation to hit you. When he is near use some melee attacks to stun him. Once he losses half of its health he will use multiple attacks from the roof. You can use Magensis Rune to attack him. Finally after defeating the ganon go back to Gerudo HQ and talk to Riju.

This was the end of Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough Part 6. You can also refer to our Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks or continues with Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough Part 7.