Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough: Defeat Divine Beast Vah Ruta and Vah Rudania

In this part we will cover two Divine Beast. First is Vah Ruta that is located in Zora Domain and the second one is Vah Rudania that is located in the Goron City.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wilde Guide Part 5

Defeat Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Now this one is pretty long mission, first you need to enter Zora Domain and talk to Zora King. The next thing is locate the Divine Beast and Prince Sidon will guide for the same. Use the new Zora armor in this quest for better strength and carry shock arrows with you. Talk to Muzu and Sidon first. Later you need to gather 20 shock arrows and meet Prince Sidon near the waterfall in east side. While collecting the arrows it is better to avoid Lynel. Don’t attempt to engage in fight you will be defeated. Better hide around and pass his sight, gather the arrows and meet Sidon.

Next Sidon will take you ahead, the first thing you need to do is take down Vah Ruta’ defense by hitting ice blocks in the air. You can use an arrow or a weapon to destroy it when it closes near to you. It is necessary to destroy the blocks, if you avoid them it will respawn again and you can face damage.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 5

Next when you are near to the waterfall go up and aim at the pink orbs. After that again Vah Ruta will attack with ice balls. You can use the paragliders to reach near the orbs. After destroying all the four orbs you will get path to the dungeon. You have to enter alone and try to carry high amount of gears inside the dungeon. This one is a tough one.

Waterblight Ganon:

Van Ruta is corrupted through Blight, a Ganon’s corruption. You have to clear some parts in it and move ahead. Use arrow to open the locked path. The next thing you need is the map of the beast, for that you need to locate Guidance Stone. Take down the enemies in between and clear the blight blocking the gate. Update the slate with beast map. This time you get a model of beast location, along with location of 4 terminals that are controlling the beast.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 5

You have to activate all the four terminals which will be a long gameplay. You can use runes to unlock the locked paths to move ahead. You can manipulate nearby objects also. After activating all of them head back to the main room and activate the beast.

Finally at the end there will be a boss fight. You will be attack with spears thrown at you. You can use bows and arrows to hit the eye for a high damage and even stun the enemy for a while. You can use Cryonis Rune to create ice pillars that will block the attack thus saving you directly from damage. Use your gears like remote bomb, etc for maximum damage. After max damage the Waterblight Ganon will disappear. At the end meet King Zora.

Defeat Divine Beast Vah Rudania

For Vah Rudania you need to head to the Goron City and talk to Goron Boss Bludo, who will tell you about the Divine Beast problem in Death Mountain. Go toward the abandoned mines. You will need the flameproof elixir and other gears here as the place is very hot. Head toward the north side of Goron City for mines. Take a look on the lava fields through a scope so that you can plan your passage.

Talk to Drak, and then head to the vault that is situated at the center of the lake that has enemies all around. cross the place that is infested with Lizalfos, you can simply use paraglider to pass larger area without getting struck by enemies. Now you will see huge cannon at the entrance. You can use it by placing a remote bomb and then triggering an attack on the enemies. Free Yunobo first to get some help and then head toward Goron Boss Bludo who will give you flameproof elixirs.

Next continue toward the north of mine. Pass the Goron Hot Springs and pass Daqa Koth Shrine. There will be ample creature in between to deal with. Finally you will meet Yunobo. Save him and he will give you a small canon ball. Use that to send Yunobo across and then use the bridge to pass. You will see the Divine Beast Rudania.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 5

The beast will launch tiny devices to locate enemies, to avoid them hide below the rocks. Let them pass first and then move ahead, there are ample of corners in the area with rock edges above. You can hide there. The only way to destroy them is to climb above and push the rock boulders on it. use remote bomb to push Yunobo ahead at part, and you can use Magensis rune to manipulate the metal boxes and destroy those patrolling device. You have to keep on reaching on top of mountain. At the end the beast will jump inside the lava mountain, go there and use the slate to enter.

Fireblight Ganon :

First you need to locate the Guidance stone, to get control back on the beast. there will be dark inside, you use ganon’s blight that will help you to locate it and clear it out. There are different chest around loot them for Dragonbone Boko Club, Ice Arrows and a special Torch.

Use the torch to find path inside and take down a few enemies in the path. Clear the blight from the room with four eyes. You will see three more chest in the area around that will give you a brazier this will help you to unlock the door ahead with a Guidance stone.

Get the map and then you will find there are around five terminals you have to control to control the beast. One is nearby and other two are at the back leg, one is at the top and the last one is at the tail. You can use the ability to tilt Rudania to 90degree so that you can get a new layout. Tilt the beast and then go ahead to locate the terminals one by one.

At the end you have to deal with the boss Fireblight Ganon. It a giant with sword on one hand and flame in the other and will attack you with a great speed. So first you need to dodge his attacks at all possible points. next you can attack through various weapons on it. after losing half health the boss will randomly teleport in different area of the area. Use remote bombs this time. After defeating the boss go back to Goron City and talk to Boss Bludo.

This was the end of Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough Part 5. You can also refer to our Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks or continues with Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough Part 6 Defeat Vah Medoh and Vah Naboris