Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough: Follow Sheikah Slate and The Isolated Plateau Quest

At the beginning Link wakes up in a mysterious chamber and finds Sheikah Slate a powerful device that will be used for navigation, unlocking a door and fast travels in the game. it also has much usage. Collect the same and exit the chamber, there are few locked cabinets in the area that will offer you clothes. Use the slate near the device on the locked doors to open it. Exit the place and there is the old man on the right side of mountains. You can talk to him for info about the area. Along with it, there are also items around like mushrooms, branches, etc. In this huge open world game, you can gather various things, upgrade your weapons, etc. So keep searching. We will be covering the main quest mostly in the guide.

Breath of Wild Guide Part 1

Talk to the old man and fight with some Bokoblin in the area, they are easy to spot and kill. You can gather an axe, a branch, etc along with weapons and items dropped by them. They can be used in battle; also the items can be later used for making elixirs. Keep checking the inventory for new things. This prolog chapter that will teach you about controls and navigation.

Main Quest: Follow the Sheikah Slate:

After sometime you will get the first quest about Sheikah slate. Check the same for a location that will head towards a hidden tower.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 1

You can use the Sheikah Slate for fast travel and as well for marking the next location. After a while you will get a new location on the slate, head towards the same and use the slate on the pedestal for the first tower, Great Plateau Tower. This is like the checkpoint a place to reveal the area maps as well your default location for fast travel. The slate will also activate a lot of other towers in the area. After getting down from the Great Plateau Tower, the old man asks Link to gather treasure, in return, he will offer his paraglider that will help Link to travel further. You can also mark the location through a scope.

Magnesis Trail:

Head towards Oman Au Shrine, use the slate to access it. Go down and again use the slate on the pedestal on left. it will offer you a Rune Magnesis that will help you to manipulate metallic objects using a magnet power.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 1

Use the rune to shift metal plates on the floor and go down. On other side use the metal square box to break the wall ahead. And use the same to take down mechanical creature ahead, you can gather an ancient screw from the creature. Next use the metal plates again to create path ahead and unlock the door ahead using the rune. Enter it and meet Oman Au that will grant link Spirit Orb.

Main Quest: The Isolated Plateau:

Get back to the old man and he will ask to find Three more Spirit Orbs from three locations around in exchange of paraglider.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 1

Go to the Great Plateau Tower using the Slate, look on the left side for the first shrine. Mark the location through a scope. All three are visible through the tower. You can pin them so it will be easy for you to travel.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 1

Look on the right of old man, you can see two at the front side, mark them and for the third one look at the bottom left side near ruins. mark all three through a scope for easy traveling. We start from the left one.

Shrine located in the ruins: Bomb Trail: Ja Baij Shrine

Use the slate on the pedestal that will offer you Rune Remote Bomb in round and cube shape. Use one on the front bottom side near rocks will blow up and open the path and take first left. Again use the bomb to open path, and take stairs up. Ahead there is a moving platform, put the bomb when it is shifting ahead to break the rocks. To reach the shrine on the right place the bomb on moving platform to break the rocks ahead. Take the stairs up to or you can also jump to reach Ja Baij for the second Spirit Orb.

Shrine located top of mountain: Stasis Trail: Owa Daim Shrine

For the next one head towards the mountain to pass broken cliffs, use the trees, cut them through axe to create the passage. Enter the shrine and use the pedestal to get Rune Stasis. It will help you to stop the flow of time of an object for a time. Use it on the left liver to stop the rotating platform. Take the platform on right side, stop the rock balls and keep moving ahead following the same pattern. At the end to move the huge rock ball, use the rune and hit Y to pull it off the place. Reach the shine and get the third Spirit Orb.

Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Guide Part 1

Shrine located near River of the Dead: Cryonis Trail: Keh Namut Shrine

For the last one, you might need to pass through a cold area. The old man will give you Warm Doublet for cold resistance. The final shrine is in the mountains you can locate that through the scope. Use the pedestal and acquire Rune Cryonis, this power will help you to create stable pillars of ice on water. Move ahead on the right side, jump in the water and create the pillar. For locked places, stand near the gate and use the rune to create pillar, drag it up and to open it. reach the spire to get final Spirit Orb. At the end, the old main will tell you to meet at the intersection point of all 4 shrines, use the scope mark the location to the ceremony point, the place first the old man has shown in the beginning. Go towards a stone statue in the end part. You can trade the orbs for Heart Container or Stamina Vessel.

Climb up on the roof to meet the old main for cinematic, later new objectives will be unlocked.

This was the end of Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough Part 1, it covers two main quests at the start including the prolog mission. At the end, link discovers the old main is the King Rhoam, the last king of Hyrule. You can also refer to our Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks or continues with Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Walkthrough Part 2 covering quest Seek Impa, Locked Mementos and Fairy Mountain Quest.