ZOMBI: CCTV Junction Box Location Guide

Zombi is first-person survival horror video game which was initially released for Wii U on November 30, 2012, and know as ZombiU. The Game is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. If you are having trouble finding the CCTV Camera, here is the guide to track down all the CCTV Junction Box at every Location in Zombi.

Zombi PC

CCTV Camera at your safe house in Zombi can be used to locate where the zombies are and also to track down the weapons which spawn after you die in the game. But you can only be able to see via CCTV Camera if you hack them. So you need to locate the CCTV Junction Box then scan and hack it. The Locations for the CCTV Junction Box are as follow:

CCTV Cameras in Brick Lane Markets:

Hanbury Green

When you pass the Army tents, tables and ambulance you should see the very First CCTV Camera to be unlocked near the rowhouses behind the telephone booth. The CCTV is just to the left on the wall of the rowhouses.

Market Street

After you come across the Supermarket, you need to head to the back office and use the stairs to the basement. Te CCTV is to the left on the wall.

CCTV Cameras in Victoria Memorial:

Palace Gates

After making your way through the battle around, the CCTV is just near the security office.(Easily noticeable)


When you go through the sewers, there is a junction where you have to take right(Read above sign “Thames Road”). After you head towards the large room you can notice the fence on the right there is the CCTV Junction Box.

Green Park

When you go through the sewers, there is a junction where you have to take Left and enter the small corridor. Walk straight until you notice some fog and down the path and look to the right of the storm drain there is the CCTV Junction Box.

CCTV Cameras in Buckingham Palace:

Palace Interior

After you explore the entryway with two doors that both lead to an office with green wallpaper. The CCTV Junction box is above you after entering.

CCTV Cameras in Brick Lane Flats:

Old Brick Warehouses

After you enter the first warehouse climb up to the second floor. The box is on the wall directly above you and to the right (the barred door).

Ron Freedman’s Flat

After you way through a maze of military-esque storage containers on Fifth floor. The CCTV is on one of the pillars.

CCTV Cameras in Tower of London:

Tower Pier

After passing the first set of piers and the barge, continue to the right until seawall turns left. The CCTV is High up on the side of the wall.

Bloody Tower

Follow the lit hallway to the right until you reach the T-intersection. Now Head to the right again and you should see the CCTV box to the left.

CCTV Cameras in Spitalfields Green:

Quaker Park

Keep left on the sidewalk between the houses and the fence. Continue ahead and you should see a keypad locked gate and right behind that is the CCTV junction box.

Shoreditch Petrol Station

To the right high on one of the buildings near the fenced-in petrol station is the CCTV junction Box.

CCTV Cameras in Baconfields:

Darwin Yard

Head Straight ahead to the door with ‘Home’ icon. There will be a couple open shipping containers and to the right of them the CCTV box.

Brick Lane Community Nursery

When asked to go to the Basement or second floor you need to go down and before heading into the room, turn around and walk the stairs. You should see an open duct half tipped shelving unit. Follow the duct until you emerge the barred door room along with the box.

CCTV Cameras in St. George’s Church:

Church Catacombs

When you enter the room with large medkit at the door, you should notice a zombie sitting in a chair. Continue to the right and the CCTV is on the wall next to a keypad locked door.

CCTV Cameras in Buckingham Palace Redux:

Palace Kitchens

You need to continue and unlock a key padded door. Go through the door, turn around and look up for the final CCTV junction box.

Here were all the locations of CCTV Junction Boxes in Zombi. You can also check our other guide for Zombi below.

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