ZOMBI PC Survival Guide: Top 14 Tips, Tricks and Cheat

Zombi was initially released for Wii U on November 30, 2012, and know as ZombiU. The Game is now released on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox one on August 18, 2015. Zombi is first-person survival horror video game and here are some top tips for your survival in the game.

Zombi PC

If you’re setting out to fight those zombies, you should have a good game plan to survive. And many players are facing the issue on who to really manage to escape or tackle the zombies.

  1. The most important thing you need to survive is the ammo and the Health packs. You should always have both of these in your inventory list. If your are full then try making space. For the ammo, you can add them up to your gun so you will keep adding as you go on collecting them. And the one which are not really useful you can leave them in your safe house.

    Hint: Planks are not really useful, you can always drop them.

  2. Other than Ammo and Health packs you should have some Flares as they buy you time to get away from the zombie zone and also distracts the zombies. As you light up the flares and throw in some direction the zombies finds it attractive and they start following the flares instead of the catching you. By the time the zombie reach the flare you can also throw a grenade or Molotov at them, this will kill/damage a group of a zombie at a time.
  3. This reminds me of the group of zombies which are suicidal, they explode when they are near your range. Try to avoid them as much as possible as most of the time they are the reason to die in Zombi. Pay a close attention and try not to hit them with bat or shoot them when you are close by. Just avoid and kill them by maintaining the distance. Planting Mines is best way to kill them and if you think you have misplaced your mine you can always pick it up by pressing ‘X’ while looking down.
  4. To know where are you and the zombies nearby, always use the radar as it provides you with lots of information. The Red blip on the screen shows that the zombies are nearby. Later in the game the radar also shows the mines where you have planted.
  5. The most important part as you die in the game is your Gear. As you die and become a zombie you should always try to recover you gear. If you die twice then it’s all gone, you lose your weapons and items. If this happens then you can use your safe house’s CCTV camera to locate the weapon as they are randomly spawned.
  6. How to hack CCTV camera? Whenever or wherever you encounter a camera there must be a camera box nearby which you can hack. The camera box looks same as the fuse boxes but has a camera logo on it. Once you locate it, use the ‘prepper pad’ to hack it(basically scans the box). Now you can open the map and locate the CCTV control in you safe house.
  7. Due to some issues, every time you die in the game the save file is overwritten. This also means the saving game refills your health. So anytime you are injured go and save game and your health will be refilled. Also, check out the Ravens of Dee location(Hidden).
  8. The workbenches are mostly used to upgrading the weapons and try making some different efficient and more powerful items. The Workbenches are mostly not counted in Zombi but are more useful to upgrade yourself.
  9. Open every Manhole of the area. Manholes are considered to be the fast travel in Zombi. Check you radar and the once which are marked as your safe house symbol with a dark circle around are the manholes. To open the Manhole, you need to repeatedly tap the manhole cover. Once the manhole is open you can use it anytime.
  10. You can always create a backup of your weapons if it happens that you die in the game. The blue container in your safe house is where you can hide the items such as weapons. If you die then you can open the container and suit up. It’s better to stash the old weapons so that the next time you are spawned you have a backup.
  11. Maps are the most useful tool on Zombi as it provides you with so much of useful information. Maps show you the next objective, the last place you died, mines and most importantly the Zombies.
  12. You come to know how many zombies are there in a room if you try to scan it. Scanning makes your game more lot easier and reveals most of the area around you including the secret items.
  13. Recharge you flashlight before entering the Dark areas. The flashlight has a battery level of 99 and it drops as you turn on. As your turn off your flashlight, the battery is charged again.
  14. As you know that you cannot sprint for a long time with constant speed so use them very wisely especially when you have a suicidal zombie around you. Just sprint away from them so you avoid the damage.

Hope this guide was helpful. Stay tuned with us to know more about Zombi.