How to find the Loot Caves on Fragmentation in Halo Infinite

You can find some powerful loot in these areas.

photo of master chief in halo infinite

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite has a few secrets hidden throughout. One such surprise can be found on the map Fragmentation, which is home to two Loot Caves that are a little out of the way but are packed with equipment that could help your team gain the upper hand in close battles.

Each cave is about halfway between the map’s two towering bases located on opposite sides of the map. Naturally, the caves are opposite each other as well. To get to the caves from each base, hug either the left or right edge of the map as you move forward. Depending on which route you took, you’ll eventually end up at either the Hex Vault Courtyard or the Rock Vault Courtyard.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Both areas feature a door with a nearby terminal. Interact with the terminal, and your AI will begin hacking the door. You’ll have to defend your AI while they’re working, as well as make sure you don’t wander too far off; otherwise, the hack will be interrupted, and you’ll have to start over.

If your AI is successful, you will have gained access to a Loot Cave, and if this is your first time, you’ll also get the “Natural Formation Location Sensation” achievement. Within each cave, you’ll find grenades, a power weapon, a regular weapon, and two armor abilities. Each cave’s specific contents are randomly generated, but they will always fit into those categories. Additionally, all weapons and equipment inside will respawn a short while after you exit. Inside each cave, you’ll see a narrow hallway leading upward. Follow it, and you’ll exit at an overlook outside.

You can re-enter a cave to get new weapons, but you’ll have to wait for its door to close first; otherwise, weapons will not respawn. The door stays open for two minutes, after which it will shut and lock. You’ll then have to hack it open again to regain access.