Best modern texture packs for Minecraft

The best packs to use to build your own modern metropolis

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There are thousands of texture packs available for Minecraft. There is a pack for everyone, and it is fairly easy to make your own if you can’t find one you like. If you prefer to build in a modern style, though, it may be even more difficult for you to find a pack you like. Minecraft’s design tends to push players towards more rusting designs than modern ones. Luckily there are a few great resource packs designed specifically for modern style builders.

Rustic Modern

Screengrab via Minecraft

Rustic Modern gives you modern textures without taking away from the rustic feel of vanilla Minecraft. It is great for players that want the best of both worlds. The textures for this pack give the game a sharper, more deliberate feel while keeping rustic styling and hues. This pack is excellent for Victorian-style builds but can be used for modern builds too.

Modern Craft

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This is a small resource pack designed specifically for building modern houses and mansions. This is an older pack meant for 1.9 and below. One of the best features of the pack is that it doesn’t take as long to load and isn’t very likely to crash your game. The pack features tons of flexible retextures that you can use to build almost anything in a modern style.

Manazaka’s City Resource Pack

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This resource pack draws inspiration from modern Japanese architecture. The pack replaces the textures of almost every block in the game to match what you would find on your average Japanese city street. With this pack, you can create street signs, highways, scramble crossings, and walking paths with cherry blossoms overhead.


Screengrab via Minecraft

Soartex Fanver is a popular pack for both vanilla gameplay and making modern themed builds. The pack gives you simple and clean textures to use for just about any build style you can think of. Woods, particularly planks, have finer details to look more like modern wood paneling or flooring. Cobblestone looks like more realistic cobblestone you could find in some city streets or used in modern stone walls.

Flows HD

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Flows HD has been around for a bit, and it is a well-loved resource pack for players of every kind. This pack aims to give the game a cleaner look and feel similar to games with an urban setting. The pack features sharp textures with a more realistic design.