How to repair and preserve a bow in Minecraft

The bow is an extremely useful weapon in Minecraft but needs to be repaired every so often.

Minecraft Bow

The bow in Minecraftis one of the most popular weapons to use for a variety of reasons. For one, it allows players to attack targets from a distance to preserve some health. Also, the bow does a significant amount of damage at all ranges, making it extremely versatile. However, one problem that bow users run into is the repair process when the weapon becomes unusable. Well, today, we’ve got a couple of ways for you to repair your bow and even keep your enchantments on it. 

Repairing the bow

The first method to repair the bow in Minecraft is quite simple. First, you need a grindstone, which can be crafted through a crafting table quite quickly. You can find the recipe for the grindstone below. 

Image result for grindstone minecraft recipe
Image via Gamepedia.

After you have a grindstone built, take two bows of any health and add them to the slots. The recipe will result in a bow that has more health than the two in the slots. This method is especially useful if you kill skeletons and store the bows they drop.

Preserving the bow

However, some may not have the luxury of owning two or more bows. Also, what if you have an enchantment on your bow that you don’t want to get rid of by placing it in the grindstone? Well, there’s an easy way to preserve your enchantment and repair your bow in one process.

For this method, you’ll need an anvil, which can be crafted through a crafting table. You can see the recipe for the anvil below.

Image result for anvil minecraft recipe
Image via Gamepedia.

Next, take your damaged bow, with enchantment, and place it in an anvil slot along with a non-enchanted bow. This will result in a fully healed bow with the same enchantment as the bow you put in the anvil slot.