100 Public Servers For Conan Exiles Now, More Incoming

Conan Exiles Server Details

Conan Exiles is the talk of the town right now on Steam, as the new Funcom MMO just shipped and was very well received by fans all over the world. This means that, due to all the people connecting at the same time when the first server opened, connectivity issues have been encountered by early players, and the devs have issued some tips to make it a better gaming experience.

Conan Exiles Server Details

“If you’re having trouble finding the official servers just wait a bit longer before refreshing the server list. We’re working on a fix!,” they said on Twitter. “The GUI is a bit misleading and it’s slow, so it looks like it refreshed the list but there were no servers. If you wait, they will come.”

“In the server list “Combat” and “Community” needs to be set to “All”. A Filter should be set to “Internet”. If the in-game server list doesn’t work all the servers should still show up on the Steam server list tool.”

The survival game has 100 public servers live and hosted by Pingperfect, each with the capacity to host 70 players in total. Funcom has said, it will increase this throughout the Early Access period.