Tomb Raider multiplayer not aiming to compete with CoD or Halo

Tomb Raider series producer Joe Khoury has stated that the main objective of upcoming Tomb Raider reboot is not to compete with the likes of CoD and Halo but instead expand the stories of non-playable characters from main campaign.

Tomb RaiderJoe Khoury also went on to explain details regarding Tomb Raider in-game currency that gamers will make us to upgrade weapons and characters (in multiplayer).

"First of all I have to say that we're not trying to be Halo or CoD or any other of those big titles, they have their own fans and the games are great games, but Tomb Raider gives us the opportunity to explore the stories of the other players who aren't Lara in the game," he told ArabicGamers.

"There are going to be characters that the gamers meet during the single player campaign who will be available to play in the multiplayer game, as well as Lara.

"This is all dependent on XP, so you start the game on level 1, and the more you play (as with any other multiplayer), your XP increases and you get Salvage, the in-game currency, and you can then spend your Salvage on upgrades to weapons, new weapons, character unlocks and essentially this is how you progress through the multiplayer."

When asked, when new maps will be added to Tomb Raider via DLC in future, Khoury replied, "I like that you're hungry for maps!"

"You want to know it all, but I'm not going to tell you what's coming, but rest assured there is a depth and there are surprises.

"I'm going to let you wait and see because I like seeing people's reaction to surprises and I'm going to leave our long term plans at that."

Source: Arabic Gamers

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