Tomb Raider is first Square Enix title localized into Arabic, Nadine Njeim to voice Lara Croft

Square Enix has just announced that Tomb Raider, the reboot of the series by Crystal Dynamics team, will debut in the Middle East localized into Arabic and will be the first to boast this feature in the history of the franchise.

Tomb Raider“We are really excited to be bringing Tomb Raider localized into Arabic for the first time in the series history. In localizing Tomb Raider into Arabic, we hope to reward the long term fans, and also attract many more to this origin story of Lara Croft,” said Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director.

Nadine Njeim, model and Miss Lebanon 2007, she gave her voice to play Lara Croft. Check out the image of Nadine Njeim below. Just for some fun, let us know in the comment section below how she looks?.

Nadine Njeim: Tomb Raider Arabic Lara Croft

Nadine Njeim: Tomb Raider Arabic Lara Croft Image

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