Saints Row could give GTA V and GTA series a run for its Money says Cliff Bleszinski

According to ex-Epic Games and Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, Saints Row is one of few series that could give GTA V GTA series run for its money.

Saints Row vs GTAOn Twitter, Bleszinski praised Volition's work on Saints Row series by stating that gameplay and other elemets are better represented in Saints Row than in Rockstar’s GTA.

Bleszinski tweeted, "The SR team is one of the few that could actually give GTA a run for their money. BF didn't go after COD by putting dicks on their guns."

He further added, "Game mechanic wise I found SR3 to be more fun than many recent GTA games. Controls, pacing, etc... are all great."

And this one a bit personal Tweet, "Yes, I think the dildo is hilarious. (I also had a big dildo as a prop in our wedding's photo booth.) It doesn't help industry perceptions."

In a recent THQ auction, Deep Silver acquires Saints Row, Metro and Volition.

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