Sleeping Dogs "Year of the Snake" DLC Trailer And Trophies List Leaked

United Front Games is yet to announced new DLC for Sleeping Dogs, however even before the official announcement, Sleeping Dogs "Year of the Snake" DLC trailer and trophies list has been leaked on internet.

Sleeping DogsWe have the trailer of Sleeping Dogs "Year of Snake" DLC below, it showcase group of terrorists in gas masks crashing the festivities.

The description of the trailer reads as follow: "After the latest DLC, a few video clips showing the above "trailer" and some other cutscenes showed up in the game's directory. Could this mean a new DLC for Sleeping Dogs?"

Watch it below, and also check out trophies list.

Sleeping Dogs Year of Snake DLC Trophies List

Bomb Squad
Complete the first mission.

Cult Master
Defeat the cultists.

Hong Kong’s Finest
Complete all Secondary Content.

Goodie Monster
Find all the Evidence Collectibles

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