Killzone Mercenary: New Details, Gameplay Footage, Release Date and Screenshots Revealed

Killzone: Mercenary

Sony has released new information for Killzone: Mercenary, first-person shooter Killzone series, developed specifically for PlayStation Vita.

Killzone: Mercenary

  • 9 hour long missions with different objective when you replay them. At present time not much is known buy it maybe sub tasks and helghasst/ISA specific challenges). It is expected that this feature will make Killzone: Mercenary more open in design
  • All single player and Multiplayer money goes to the same account and can be used to unlock MP and SP weapons and gear.
  • A total of SIX MP maps to start and they support 8 players with WARZONE mode
  • Killzone: Mercenary is powered by Killzone 3 Engine, and so it looks awesome. The gun work looks solid, the animations are fluid, the draw distance and action is incredible.

Killzone: Mercenary is developed by Guerrilla Cambridge and is scheduled to launch on September 18. Watch brand new trailer and screenshots of Killzone: Mercenary released earlied today by Sony.


Killzone Mercenary screen 1 Killzone Mercenary screen 2 Killzone Mercenary screen 3 Killzone Mercenary screen 4 Killzone Mercenary screen 5 Killzone Mercenary screen 6


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