PS4 is 10 times more powerful than PS3 says The Sun

According to source close to UK tabloid The Sun, next-generation console from Sony (PS4) will be 10 times (10X) more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, and it will launch in June 2013.

Here is what The Sun stated (via its anonymous source):

  • PS4 will be 10x more powerful than PS3
  • Will be unveiled on Feb 20th
  • Will have film quality graphics
  • Named PS4 or Orbis
  • Will feature 8 Computer Chips
  • Will cost £300
  • Ultra HD graphics 4x more detailed than PS3
  • 3D Capability
  • Rumors suggesting new controller with touchscreen display.
  • Backwards compatible games and controllers
  • Ultra HD player
  • New Xbox likely to launch in June 2013
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