PS4 listing Pops Up on Play-Asia

Should we take it as a confirmation for PS4?, Retailer Play-Asia has a listing for upcoming PS4 console up on its website. At present this PS4 listing does not carry any release date or price.

Playstation 4However you can sign-up with the retailer to be notified when they have PS4 pre-orders available. The official description of PS4 on Play-Asia listing reads as follow:

"Lot's of rumours are flying about. Everyone wants to know when the next PlayStation console will come, what enhancements it has and how it interacts with the PlayStation Vita. However, everything is till kept under tight wraps. The only thing we know is that the graphical capabilities and the CPU will become even more powerful, and the console might have a brand new controller, although the existing sixaxis, dual controllers and the Move remain compatible.

Concrete information will be available once the official sources release them."

Check out the listing HERE, and let us know in the comment section below, what you guys have to say on this?.

We have snapshot of the listing just to be on the safer side, if Play-Asia decides to delete the listing:

PS4 Play Asia Listing

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