Live-action web series The Last of Us: What Remains incoming, official or fan-made?

It seems like a live-action webseries based on the upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us is in the works. The show carries the title The Last of Us: What Remains and focuses on a number of game's unfamiliar characters.

The Last of UsHowever it is not yet clear whether the project is being officially handled by Sony (publisher of the game) or not.

On the website of the project no logos of Sony, or developer Naughty Dog can be found, but still the website reports that "the series is intended to be used as a marketing campaign by Naughty Dog to increase sales and awareness for the game title".

A trailer for the series, as well as various photographs of the characters and some of the enemies can be found on the website. Check it out HERE, and let us know in the comment section below, whether you find it interesting or not?.

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