Killzone: Shadow Fall was only using 1.5 GB of RAM for Graphics?

According to details revealed by Killzone: Shadow Fall developer (named "Phil"), the recent demo of the game (showcased at Playstation Meeting) was only using 1.5GB of RAM for graphics.

Killzone: Shadow FallPhil was asked by fan, "I was wondering in which devkit this games was particularly demo,did we have any confirmation that 4GB devkit actually hit developers.?, Because i think this game could have been running on the 2.2GB of ram devkit."

To this he simply replied, "Less than that.Most kits until pretty recently had only 1.5 GB usable for graphics"

Killzone: Shadow Fall demo was stunning and astonishing (with 1.5GB usable RAM, as reported above), so guys just imagine how it will look and play when it will make use of 8GB RAM potential.

Killzone: Shadow Fall RAM details

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