GTA V: Los Santos Locations discovered in Real Life Los Angeles

We heard many times that for GTA V Los Santos city, Rockstar Games took inspiration from Los Angeles. Recently YouTube user "Playstation Access" sent a correspondent "Nath" to Los Angeles to re-create the screenshots we've seen of GTA V in real life.


Want to see how Nath performed?, well then watch the video below, you will be amazed by the end result. Hats off to the correspondent "Nath".

Comparison Screenshot 1:

GTA V Market Screen

GTA V Market Screen 1

GTA V Real Life Location 1

Comparison Screenshot 2:

GTA V: FIB Building Screen

GTA V Real Life Location 2

Comparison Screenshot 3 (Check out the golf-course and far ahead high-rise buildings in both screen):

GTA V Golf Course Screenshot

GTA V Real Life Location 3

Comparison Screenshot 4:


GTA V Real Life Location 4

Now Take a look at the video below:

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