First God of War: Ascension Review Score Arrived

God of War: Ascension first review score has arrived, all thanks to Famitsu. The popular Japanese magazine awarded God of War: Ascension an excellent review score of 36/40 (9/9/9/9). Apart from review score, no other details has arrived about God of War: Ascension from Famitsu latest issue.

God of War: Ascension is schedule to launch on March 12, 2013. The game has been rated M for Mature for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content.

God of War: Ascension returns players to the storyline of the epic God of War franchise. Join Kratos as he seeks freedom, redemption and the clarity to avenge his family. Or seek your own glory in epic 8-player mutliplayer battles.

Here’s the full listing of Review Scores from Famitsu latest issue:

  • God of War: Ascension (PS3) – 9/9/9/9
  • Crysis 3 (PS3/360) – 9/9/8/9
  • Super Robot Wars UX (3DS) – 8/9/8/8
  • Steins;Gate (PSV) – 9/9/8/7
  • Frontier Gate Boost + (PSP) – 8/8/8/8
  • Winning Post 7 2013 (PS3) – 8/8/7/7
  • F1 Race Stars (PS3/360) – 7/8/7/7
  • Sword Art Online (PSP) – 8/7/7/7
  • Winning Post 7 2013 (PSP) – 7/7/6/7


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