New The Last of Us details via German Magazine, Joel has own hit detection, no blindfire and more

Some brand new details of Naughty Dogs' upcoming PS3 exclusive game "The Last of Us" has arrived all thanks to M! Magazine Germany's preview. Everything about The Last of Us sounds awesome (from these latest details) except the listen mode which should be turned off before playing.

The Last of UsCheck out new The Last of Us details via M! Magazine Germany below (via NeoGaf):

  • joel has his own hit detection. if you get shot in the left arm, he would hold his injured arm with his right hand and also loose constantly blood. you definitely have to treat the wound immediately because of the constantly loss of health and the screen would turn red.
  • in order to stop losing health, you have to get the bullet out of the wound, disinfect it with alcohol or antiseptic and bind the wound. all by holding the r1 button one by one.
  • the process to get the bullet out of the wound is not presented realistically, it would be too bloody and brutal.
  • if you get shot in the right arm (joel is right-hander) you have of course make sure to treat the wound like described above with the left arm. but after that, you can't just take out your shotgun immediately and shoot like nothing has happened before. you arm still hurts so if you aim with a heavy weapon like the shotgun or an assault rifle, your crosshair moves all over the place. you don't have 100% control over the aiming.
  • to shoot respectably with an injured right arm, you have to switch to a smaller gun like the pistol.
  • same procedure if you get shot in the leg. he would lean immediately against a wall to treat the wound. but now you hobble and can't run fast anymore for minutes, also when hit with a pole against the leg.
  • no health kit around you can also use toilet paper and rubber band to bind the wound.
  • the game plays very fluently, so no shortage of moments. you are able to open doors and move objects such as boxes or furniture. sometimes to get to higher positions, to clear a path or to block doors from coming enemies. to move a cabinet for example, you have to press a button repeatedly. by playing the demo he understood this as a scenario thing, meaning that he could not always do this, but he didn't attempt.
  • blindfire is not possible in the game. bullets are rare and so does every bullet count. you always have to aim if you want to shoot your gun. by just pressing the r1 button, it will only pop up the crafting menu. he discovered this while running away from a clicker.
  • the a.i. helps out if you could not find the transition. he was prompted by tess to show him where to go, which he made sure that this wasn't just staged, but controlled by the a.i. The game also helps if you are desperately lost and don't know what to do, the game prompts to press the l3 analog stick for a hint.
  • while playing the demo he never had to save ellie from the infected, she also never died in the demo playthrough. he was impressed by her self-preservation.
  • playing tlou on the lowest difficulty will not turn the game into a shooter. as he understood, the gameplay will not be affected essentially. stealth will still be very important. what he definitely can say about the lowest difficulty is that you find more ressources, ammunition, weapons compared to higher difficulty.
  • resource management is handled very well and balanced judging by the demo.
  • a normal 2x4/stick can handle 10 punches on enemies before it brakes, as he remembers. in the demo he took the 2x4 attached scissors with a tape and created a club with spikes and now this weapon will only handle 4 punches on enemies before it brakes, but of course is more powerful now. so you always have to ask if it's worth to use up stocks, because they have their own life.
  • control points are placed generously, at least in the demo. he didn't had to start far away after dying.
  • you only punch with your fists in close combat if you don't have a close combat weapon such as a brick equipped or in your bag. if you press the punch button he will automatically get the close combat weapon out of his bag or back and punch with it
  • there is a tutorial level in the beginnig of the demo after meeting the infected for the first time which describes the controls with hints on the screen.
  • quick turn is possible and very effective because clickers are extremely fast and often turn their backs randomly. it's very hard to attack a clicker from behind with a shiv, he was able to do it just once in the demo. you can also lean to get a better perspective. to get behind a low cover, you have to crouch manually and you can also crouch fast but is very loud to do so and will alarm off the infected.
  • the input lag is very heavy in tlou. he found it to be bigger than in uncharted 3 but without actual measurement numbers of the input lag you should take this as a subjective opinion and not as a fact. nevertheless, he liked it because of the weight in the character and you aren't able to headshot the infected just easy like the enemies in an uncharted game.
  • he understood the listen mode for people who don't play with headphones, because with them, you can hear every sound the infected are doing from far away and therefore have definitely a better overview. while in listen mode, you can see enemies through more than 2 walls, also which type of enemies are ahead of you and which direction they are facing.

The Last of Us German Magazine Preview

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