Rockstar Games and GTA V surprise appearance at PAX East 2013 possible

A surprise appearance of GTA V at PAX East 2013 is on the card?. The stage is all set for PAX East 2013, penny arcade has already posted its schedule, and has also hinted that numerous publisher and developer will make a surprise appearance at the expo. Is Take-Two/Rockstar Games has anything planned for the expo with GTA V?.

Grand Theft Auto VGoing by the track record of Rockstar and its relationship with PAX East expo, i say a BIG YES. Rockstar Games has been busy attending PAX East for past couple of years (Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire and Max Payne 3).
Furthermore, the only focus of Rockstar Games in 2013 is development of GTA V, its easier to believe that we will see something related to the open world title on said event.

Now the question arise here is, what all things we'll see If Rockstar Games and GTA V indeed make a surprise appearance at PAX East 2013?. Most of you will say a GTA V Trailer #3, isn't it?. But we highly doubt it, because all previous GTA trailers have its pre-release phase with a countdown.

GTA V launch is just few months away so Rockstar and Take-Two needs to start some heavy marketing for GTA V if its truly due on September 17, and so a don't get surprise if developer just gives out a notice for future announcement for GTA V.

Rockstar Games might also announced next-generation version of GTA V for PS4 and next-gen Xbox.

Numerous users of GTAforums are predicting that Rockstar Games will make an appearance at PAX East 2013 either with "Agent" or another new IP.

But we want to hear from you guys, If Rockstar Games makes an appearance at PAX East 2013, what you want to see from them?. Let us know in the comment section below.

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