The Phantom Pain Dev Joakim Mogren Image Revealed, He is not Hideo Kojima

Spike TV host and our friend Geoff Keighley has posted picture of The Phantom Pain developer and Moby Dick Studio boss Joakim Mogren.

Joakim MogrenOn Twitter, Keighley stated, "This man claims to be Joakim Mogren of Moby Dick Studios, developer of The Phantom Pain.". This tweet was accompained by following image:

Yesterday Immediately after the interview, Keighley posted an update on his personal Twitter account. He first tweeted:

"Update on that Phantom Pain interview: Joakim Mogren was a man I’m pretty sure I’ve not met before,” he said. “He did show some new images on his iPad."

He later added, "The guy was definitely not Kojima. He legitimately seemed Sweedish. And I’m skeptical if he is actually a game developer."

The Mogren interview will air on GT.TV tonight at 10pm PST / 1am EST.

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