Gearbox shares more Borderlands 2 Golden Keys for Free In-Game Gear (Mar 14)

Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford has revealed some more Borderlands 2 Shift codes in-order to grant players free golden keys.

Borderlands 2Golden keys allow players to open a locked loot chest inside the city of Sanctuary. Unlocking the chest permanently consumes the golden key and guarantees a rare, level appropriate, piece of gear.

Since the gear acquired with a golden key scales with a player’s level, it’s advised to wait on using the key until late in the game to ensure a good high-level piece of equipment.

Below are Borderlands 2 Shift Codes for all platforms (March 14):

  • Xbox 360: CJC3J-659X6-3T9TX-WRJTB-BWK9J


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