God of War: Ascension Cheat to Perform Unlimited Hit Combo

God of War: Ascension cheat for performing unlimited hit combo. In God of War: Ascension it is possible to execute an unlimited hit combo right after you touch Ares Fire for the first time in Chapter 5: The Village of Kirra. But don't press L1 + R1 or else it will spawn more enemies that will hit you and end your combo.

Watch the video footage below giving out details on how this Unlimited Hit Combo is executed in Gears of War: Ascension.

Performing this will also unlock following three throphies:

  • Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. BadBoy! — Perform 1000 Hit Combo.
  • That’s Going To Leave a Mark — Spill 500 Buckets of Blood on Kratos.
  • Maybe you should Call a Doctor? — Keep the Rage Meter Filled for 2+ minutes

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