Developing Games for PS4 is like "Walk in the Park" says Avalanche Studio

According to Avalanche Studios (developer behind Just Cause franchise), developing game for Sony's next generation Playstation console, PS4 is like a "Walk in the Park".

Just Cause 3In a recent interview to Develop, Avalanche Studios CTO Linus Bloomberg showered lots of praise for Sony's PS4, however he also added that it will take some time for few developers to get familiar with new console.

"Compared to the PS3 it’s a walk in the park…I think that’s one of the major lessons Sony learned with the last generation, you have to be accessible for the developers to be successful. Of course, there’s still some quirkiness involved, especially if you’re used to a Windows development environment."

Developer liking and praising PS4 console to this extent is really a great news for fans.

Recently Avalanche Studios has teased the next-installment in Just Cause franchise, "Just Cause 3" via teaser images, you can view them HERE and HERE.

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