Is Saints Row 4 a Threat to GTA V?

Yesterday Deep Silver officially revealed Saints Row 4 (via debut teaser trailer, if you missed it we have it below for you). So does the next installment in Saints Row series a threat to GTA V in any way?.

Saints Row 4 vs GTA V

The answer is a BIG NO. Going by all the details we saw in debut trailer of Saints Row 4 it seemed like, all Volition have done is took Saints Row 3 and added some more over the top childish sci-fi features (fans obviously hated them previously as well) and presented it as a completely new game.

When Rockstar Games announced release delay of GTA V from Spring 2013 to September 2013 fans were extremely frustrated but thing settled down pretty fast with a sense that some extra time is needed to develope a perfect product.

No doubt GTA V delay is disappointing but fans are of the opinion that the game will be worth the wait when it launches, since Rockstar Games have put 5 years of dedication and effort into it.

Furthermore, Rockstar Games are taking their own time in revealing details about GTA V (making fans wait for too long even for a small update), but at-least they are actually giving fans what they want in GTA V, whereas Volition are offering their fans an old Wine in new bottle and with new label.

Volition has really sunk the Saints Row franchise. They should have taken a complete new route for developing Saints Row 4 into something fresh and interesting rather than going for rehashing the previous installment.

We are of the opinion that GTA V will completely wipe the open genre market not only in 2013 but many years to come, and titles like Saints Row 4 stand no chance against it.

Let us know in the comment section below what you guys think?, is Saints Row 4 a threat to GTA V in anyway?.

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