Quantic Dreams Developing Two New Game: David Cage

Quantic Dreams has two new game title in development, David Cage, Heavy Rain Designer reveal today. He also said the Quantic Dreams will take a new approach in development specially for these two game but there will be no change in exploring the story telling and emotion.

Speaking to a gaming website he said, "We currently work on two very different projects,".

"After the success of Heavy Rain, we continue to explore how we can go further with interactive drama, working on emotion and interactive storytelling for a mature audience, but with a very different story and a different approach."

Here is what he Further added:

"Often, after a long and challenging project like Heavy Rain, it is difficult for the team to get excited again about a new idea,"

"This is absolutely not the case at the moment at Quantic and all the team seems enthusiastic about the possibility of other projects" said cage.

It has been rumored for a while that the studio Quantic Dreams is currently working on a Sci-fic title 'Horizon' but David Cage denied everthing in this regard.

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