Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3: "Fishing in Baku Gameplay vs Fault Line Reveal Gameplay"

Battlefield 4

Yesterday at GDC 2013 all of us saw a gorgeous looking Battlefield 4: Fishing in Baku gameplay trailer. The footage was full of special effects like explosions, fires, and particles.

Battlefield 4

Many of us are curious to know to what extent DICE has beefed up visuals and graphics in Battlefield 4 as compared to Battlefield 3, isn't it?. So here is a comparison video footage "Battlefield 4: Fishing in Baku Gameplay vs Battlefield 3 Fault Line Reveal Gameplay!".

The footage alternates between both trailers, showing similar scenes back to back. Watch the video and let us know the difference you see between the two games with respect to graphics and visuals.

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