Fan create GTA V Terrain Map using in-game screens

GTA forum user "GTAKiwi" has created GTA V terrrain map by making use of official in-game screenshots. This fan-made GTA V map is meant to only show the location of Los Santos in relation to the rest of the game world.

Grand Theft Auto VHere is what GTAKiwi has to say about his map:

Here is my new and more accurate map. There are still plenty of errors on it though. The worst issue is the scale of the mountains/lake being to big, or to small. There is also still some small sight
line issues.

It can be quite tricky to tell exactly how big something should be, when all the pictures have different height, zoom, angle, FOV, etc.

So while my new map is still nowhere near being 100% accurate, at least it should give you a good idea
of how the countryside fits together.

The map kinda has a 3D look to it, but it is actually a top on map. It looks 3D due to me drawing the
ridge of each mountain to help you know which mountain you're looking at.

On the sight line map, anything with a ? next to it means I'm not sure if it's correct or not.

Check out the map below. We advice reader to download the image and view by zooming it for every fine details.


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