Monster Hunter Online not yet Confirmed for North America and Europe says Crytek

Last week Crytek released a press-release stating that Monster Hunter Online from Capcom and Tencent would be released internationally (including North America and Europe). Unfortunately, this is not true as Crytek today sent us yet another press-release back-tracking from their previous statement.

Monster Hunter OnlineToday's Press-release from Crytek reads as follow:

"In a press release issued last week, we stated that the upcoming Monster Hunter Online from Tencent Games and Capcom would be released “internationally”. This information was in contrast to official communications from Tencent Games, who only confirmed the release of Monster Hunter Online for the Chinese market at a recent promotional event.

As stated by Tencent Games, Monster Hunter Online is only officially confirmed for release in China, and we would like to apologize for any confusion caused by our stating otherwise."

From the above statement means, at present there's no confirmation whether or not Monster Hunter Online will arrive in North America and Europe.

Well guys we are back to Square ONE, isn't it?. Are you disappointed with this?. Let us your views in the comment section below.


Many readers wanted to know the source of the above information. Above we clearly mention press-release from Crytek (no longer available on official website of Crytek). Here is the snapshot of the press-release

Crytek Monster Hunter Online Press Release

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