Mass Effect 2 Free Extra Missions Soon

Are you the one of them who has recently bought Mass Effect 2 than there is good news for you from Bioware. Bioware will be releasing many extra mission for Mass effect 2 which will be available for free download.

Some extra mission are already out for the genuine Mass Effect 2 and Bioware  promises that there are much more in the upcoming weeks.One thing you have to check out for getting this Mass Effect 2 free extra mission, is that you activate a Cerberus Network by the code which is available with each and every genuine copy of Mass Effect 2.

Don't feel disappointment if you are not having genuine copy of Mass Effect 2. You can still get your hands on this Mass Effect 2 free extra mission , you are just require to buy the access to Cerberus Network.

Bioware on its twitter account said that there will be more Mass Effect 2 free extra mission  in coming weeks for user who has activated cerberus Network

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