This is How PS4 Looks in Eight Different Colours

Have you wonder how PS4 will look in different colors (Gold, White, Silver, Blue and other)?, "Just Incredible", if you want me to describe in one word. A creative fan has created a total of 8 different colors PS4 models.

PS4 in Different ColorPS4 is schedule to arrive later this year, and carries a price tag of $399. You can take a look a fan-made different color PS4 models below, on personal front Silver and White models just look out of this world, Which one do you like?. Let us know in the comment section below.

PS4 in White Color

PS4 in Gold Color

PS4 in RED Color

PS4 in Blue Color

PS4 in Different Gold

PS4 in Silver Color

PS4 in Purple Color

PS4 in Darker Purple

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