A Game of Thrones: Genesis Announced

Cyanide Studio way back in 2009 announced that they have bought the rights to George R. R. Martin novel A Song of Ice and Fire to develop it into a video game. Now today they reveal the strategy game title based on the novel called A Game of Thrones: Genesis'.

Apart from this no other details were given not, not even the platform on which the game is going to be release. However looking at the Cyanide past record a PC version of the game is expected.

A Game of Thrones, A Game of Thrones: Genesis

A Bit Detail About the Game:

'A Game of Thrones: Genesis' plunges you into the heart of the battles and intrigues between the Families that shaped the Kingdom of Westeros. However, victory does not necessarily result from brute force. The innovative game mechanics provide players with numerous paths to success: will you opt for a military, economic or diplomatic approach? Trickery, treachery and deceit are widespread and you will constantly have to watch your back if you want to avoid a bitter defeat!

Peacefully or forcefully annex surrounding territories, besiege enemy castles, send spies to infiltrate behind enemy lines, assassinate trouble-making officers or capture them to ask for a ransom... When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground!

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