Battlefield 4: Confirmed List of Weapons and Gadgets Revealed

Battlefield 4 is one of the best looking next-generation game. It is powered by brand new Frostbite 3 Engine and is schedule to launch on October 29.

Battlefield 4Once again fans will be playing with deadly weapons and hi-tech gadgets. Battlefield 4 features many weapons and gadgets from Battlefield 3 but there are some brand new ones as well. Reddit user "Joltthecoat" managed to prepare full list of Battlefield 4 weapons and gadgets (source was leaked gameplay footages and screenshots of Battlefield 4).

Check out confirmed Battlefield 4: Weapons and Gadgets List below.


Assault Rifles(Assault Kit)

  • QBZ-95 (Type 95) - Source: Leaked Alpha Images
  • CZ-805 (BREN) - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • AK-12 - Source: E3 Gameplay

PDWs(Engineer Kit)

  • P90 - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • CZ-3A1 (Scorpion Evo) - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • UMP-45 - Source: Alpha Files Leak
  • Mx4 Storm - Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

LMGs(Support Kit)

  • Ultimax-100 MK5 - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Type 88 - Source: Multiplayer Trailer
  • M249 - Source: Alpha Files Leak

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles(Recon Kit)

  • Scout Elite - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • SV-98 - Source: Leaked Alpha Images
  • M40A5 - Source: Alpha Files Leak
  • CS-LR4 - Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

Pistols(All Kits)

  • M9 - Source: Multiplayer Trailer
  • QSZ-92 - Source: Multiplayer Trailer
  • P226 - Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

Shotguns(All Kits)

  • Hawk 12G - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Remington 870 - Source: Alpha Files Leak

Carbines(All Kits)

  • AK-5C - Source: E3 Gameplay

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles(All Kits)

  • RFB - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • QBU-88 - Source: Leaked Alpha Images

Melee Weapons(All Kits)

  • M9 Bayonet(Hand-held only) - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Shank – Supposedly has its own stabbing animation - Source: E3 Gameplay

Grenades(All Kits)

  • M67 Frag - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • M84 Flashbang - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • M34 Incendiary - Source: E3 Gameplay

Battle Pick-ups(All kits, found on map)

  • M82(Found at Point C) - Source: Alpha Files Leak
  • M32 MGL(Found at Point B) - Source: Alpha Files Leak


Assault Kit Gadgets

  • Medic Bag – Same as BF3 - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • First Aid Pack – Thrown onto ground to be picked up by a single player, or thrown directly onto a single player, quickly heals a single soldier to full health - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • M320 – Underslung/Standalone grenade launcher - Source: Multiplayer Trailer
  • M26(BUCK) – Underslung/Standalone shotgun - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Defibrillator – Single click instantly revives a player to moderate health, but holding down the button charges the defibrillator, reviving a player to full health. – Source: Darklord openly stated this, and I saw it with my own eyes, but I can’t find the original quote, it’s common information now however.

Engineer Kit Gadgets

  • Repair Tool – Unknown, but appears to be the same as BF3 - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • RPG-7V2 – Appears to be able to lock onto designated targets - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • FIM-92 Stinger – Appears to require the user to maintain line-of-sight lock until it hits - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • MBT-LAW – Javelin Replacement- Also appears to require the user to maintain line-of-sight lock until it hits.Source: E3 Gameplay
  • AT Mine – Unknown, appears the same as BF3 - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Starstreak AA Missile(??) – Seen only in Alpha files, but appears to be another AA launcher, expected to be for Engineer. - Source: Alpha Files Leak
  • FGM-148 – The Javelin. It’s listed separately than MBT-LAW in the Alpha files, which raises some questions. - Source: Alpha Files Leak

Support Kit Gadgets

  • Ammo Box – Appears the same as BF3 - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Ammo Pack – Thrown onto ground to be picked up by a single player, or thrown directly onto a single player, quickly gives a soldier full ammo, but not equipment/explosives -Source: E3 Gameplay
  • XM-25 – Aim down the scope at cover to set range, then aim above the enemy’s cover to shoot an airburst round, mainly suppressive as it does lower damage, Alpha files suggest choice between smoke and explosive rounds - Source: E3 Gameplay

Recon Kit Gadgets

  • C4 – Now throwable for a longer distance, and appears to have a fire-selector between single fire and exploding all at the same time - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • PLD – Portable SOFLAM, has a zoom option, and uses the same thermal vision as the XM-25 - Source: E3 Gameplay
  • Motion Sensor – Seen to be the throwable Motion Sensor spheres, as screenshot shows T-UGS as the selection icon for the spheres- Source: E3 Gameplay
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