Emotiv Epoc Headset to Play Game with your Mind

At E3 2010 Microsoft reveal Kinect for Xbox 360 which give gamers a controller free gameplay experience. But Emotiv has reveal a latest technology that interpret brain waves for controlling the video games and other onscreen action. The company shows off this new latest technology at TED Global (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference in Oxford.

Emotiv Epoc consist of a total of 14 sensors which has the capability of reading the electrical signals from brain cells, which in return communicate to the PC wirelessly.

Emotiv Epoc, Emotiv Epoc Headset 

The headset was already released in 2009 but it was used by Universities and researchers for other purpose like application building rather than using it for playing games. This Emotiv Epoc headset will be available in the market for a price of $300, and will also has the capability of connecting to any other desktop or laptop.

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