New iCEnhancer 2.5 BETA 6 Screens Released, GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One Should Look Like This?

This is how next-gen Grand Theft Auto game should look. Modder (Hayssam Keilany) behind popular iCEnhancer mod has released some brand new screenshots from iCEnhancer 2.5 BETA 6.

GTA V: Icenhancer Mod 6 Beta ScreenRockstar Games have not yet announced anything related to PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA V but personall i expect the game should look something like this. Check out the latest screenshots iCEnhancer 2.5 BETA 6 below.

Hayssam Keilany originally planned to release iCEnhancer 2.5 mod for GTA IV in early July, however the release got delayed for some unknown reason.

We still don't have a release date for this mod, but stay tuned to Gamepur as we will update this post as soon as we get to hear more details on it.

NOTE: Certain details in the latest screenshots clearly proof that the mod is still in early stage of development for example: In first screenshot "Car windows ignoring all the blurring-related effects."

GTA IV: Icenhancer Beta 6 Mod screen 1 GTA IV: Icenhancer Beta 6 Mod screen 2 GTA IV: Icenhancer Beta 6 Mod screen 3 GTA IV: Icenhancer Beta 6 Mod screen 4

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