DriveClub on PS4: Dedicated Servers Support and 1080p Resolution Confirmed, 60 FPS is a Target says Evolution

In a recent Q&A session with Playstationer, Evolution Studios revealed tons of new details about their upcoming PS4 exclusive game "DriveClub".

DriveClubThe studio confirmd that DriveClub will have dedicated servers support in order to ensure smooth online gameplay experience. Furthermore, Evolution confirmed that DriveClub will allow a maximun of 12 players online (just like in Motorstorm).

Evolution Studio further went on to confirmed that DriveClub to be 1080p, but developers are targetting 60FPS (E3 2013 demo of DriveClub was running at 30FPS).

"The demo currently available here at E3 is running at 30fps but 60fps is something we are definitely targeting. Obviously we are a game in development and we are aiming towards the 60fps goal but we cannot make any promises right now. In terms of resolution, the game will run at 1080p native. You gotta love those pixels."

Regarding Damage feature in DriveClub, Evolution Studio said: "Obviously our focus is on the driving model, I mean, we’re not making Burnout, but the cars do damage, they deform and all that kind of stuff, so you are effectively scuffing up million pound supercars!"

The developer also talked about the difference between DriveClub PS Plus version and retail version. Evolution said: "the PS Plus version will be the exact same as the full version, except that it may be missing a few assets such as cars or tracks, that will be found in the full version. However the online multiplayer, the asynchronous challenges and the single player campaign will all be present in the PS Plus version. The PS Plus version gives us to the biggest open community, day one. This game is all about socialising."

DriveClub is schedule to launch on PS4 later this year.

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