DICE comments on PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison, says PC is Always Better

DICE in a recent issue of GameInformer magazine has commented on one of the hottest gaming issue on internet, comparison between "PS4 and Xbox One" RAM memory and the amount of memory allocated especially for games.

Battlefield 4GameInformer asked DICE's Karl Magnus: "People have made a lot about the difference between the PlayStation 4 having 8GB of GDDR5 RAM versus the 5GB of DDR3 RAM allotted toward the gaming partition on the Xbox One. Do you see that as an advantage for the PlayStation 4, or is that overblown?"

To this Karl replied (In GameInformer Issue 244): "More memory or more CPU or GPU power - whatever kind of power we get out of a machine - more is always better, especially for the kind of games that we build."

"We have a long heritage of PC, and PC is a platform that has been scaled very well over the years. Naturally we’re very excited now seeing consoles that actually close in on what the PCs of today can do - even though it won’t take long before the PCs can do even more."

The above statement of Karl Magnus simple means for Battlefield 4 PC>PS4>Xbox One.

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