Rumor: PS4 is 40% More Powerful Than Xbox One, Difference is Noticeable

Some details regarding difference in power between PS4 and Xbox One has arrived although from an anonymous developer close to Forbes. The developer stated that difference between PS4 and Xbox One will be visible to fans on launch day of the two consoles.

The developer further went on to say that PS4 is 40% more powerful than Xbox One” and that games like “Call of Duty: Ghosts” will be “noticeably different” upon release.

Here is the quote of developer taken from Forbes website:

"In talking to a developer who wished to remain anonymous, gamers will see a difference on Day One when they compare third party PS4 games to Xbox One head-to-head. The developer told me the PS4 is 40 percent more powerful than Xbox One and games like Call of Duty Ghosts will be noticeably different out of the gate."

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