Mad Max in Pre-Alpha Stage of Development, Features 50 Vehicles says Avalanche

Avalanche Studios' Senior Game Designer Peter Johansson has revealed some new details about Mad Max, in a recent interview to Siliconera.

Peter stated that Mad Max is currently in pre-alpha stage of developement and so its diffcult to say how much the game is on foot rather than on vehicle.

Furthermore, Peter also revealed that Mad Max will feature a total of 50 different vehicles and Magnus Opus (vehicle name) will be the main course of our lead character Max's survival.

Siliconera: Percentage-wise, how much is on foot and in vehicle? Is it 50/50, even down the middle, as it was implied in the demo?

Peter: Actually, it’s hard to say. I can’t say for sure, since we’re still building the game. It’s still in a pre-alpha stage. But, of course, your primary method of survival is your car, your Magnum Opus [the name of your primary ride in the game]. It’s basically your comfort zone, though there will be times in which you need to step out of it.

Siliconera: You only have one vehicle?

: Yes, it’s yours to customize. But there are over 50 different vehicles in the game, and you can drive them all.

Mad Max is schedule to launch in 2014 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4. You can watch first official gameplay trailer of Mad Max below.

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